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NMP Planning Director

Position: NMP Planning Director
Location: Sweden 
Position Type: Permanent

Key Responsibilities

  • Obtain network management demands, market situation, and development trends of high-end operators via market research, customer communication, technical support, and by learning from fully-grown network management products 
  • Handle, maintain, analyze network management demands and by combining them to our company situation, make the product development plans from the market and competitors perspectives
  • Responsible for making comprehensive solutions for our company’s network management products and ensure industry-leading competitiveness for them
  • Gather, dig, analyze product information from competitors specially the industry's leading manufacturers, and give our network management product competitiveness proposals & reports
  • Participate in events organized by major telecom organizations/associations, report the network management development trends and make our company’s network management product plans based on this
  • Make medium and long-term plans for our network management products

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