Talent managers / Interviewer

Finally, a recruitment solution not from the stone age. 
We're a fresh face and an online recruitment company


ESFAB basic foundation builds on 3 keystones 

We provide Each Job Seeker his / her own talent manager
We provide Each Employer a local expert 
Our Business model is based on Sharing 

What is the secret behind ESFAB success?

  • Our talent managers are local experts with international reach.
  • all our talent manager regardless their geographical location, they all follow the same working procedure. 

How dose it works at ESFAB?

You as talent managers, you are in charge of contacting your local employers who is looking for hiring their next corporate talent. You are already specialized in a specific industry / profession. You are expert in applying esfab solution. You deliver. 

How can I become an talent manager?

Record a video presentation of yourself and send it to us. Or Just book your first interview here.


How do I start?

1: First You need to know what industry or profession you are passionate about 
2: You need to have your own registered company 
3: You need to fill in the following form : Talent Manager
4: Schedule an interview with one of our representatives. 

As  talent manager you need to have a phone and a computer with Internet connection. We provide you with complete online platform. Our platform provide you the opportunity to work from Where ever you wish and simply pick the country of your choice! 

Work from Where ever you are
You only need 
A phone / A Skype Account
A Computer with Internet Connection 

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding role which combines sales, people skills and problem solving you may have what it takes to be a successful recruitment consultant.

You will handle the project right through from the canvassing and building relationships with clients to recruiting, managing and building the career of your team of consultants. Your goals will be to ensure quality and growth for your business.

To build and manage long-term relationships with a host of prestigious clients.

Due to ESFAB position within the market, all members must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Strong Skills / Knowledge in your industry sector
  • A high energy level matched with a fresh entrepreneurial approach,
  • Clients are from SME to major organisations so a positive, mature, articulate and well-spoken demeanour is essential.
  • The ability to tackle challenging projects which require a combination of business, organization and technical skills.
  • All candidates must have an easy and natural conversational style so able to converse very well with people of very diverse backgrounds, be an excellent listener and have an ability to manage and turn around difficult situations.
  • A readiness to make a large number of professional phone calls and work long hours, with a view to developing a large platform of strong Client and Candidate relationships.

The more discerning of candidates with the intelligence to take advantage of one on the best commission structures. 

The most important of all these attributes is stubbornness. This is a very tough job and only those with an iron determination will succeed, no matter how good your other skills are. Those that do succeed will find themselves, both in terms of job satisfaction and financial remuneration, in one of the most rewarding sales environments available.

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