• Select one of our recruiters that match your requirements best
    • Do You need Local expert ? Industry expert ?
  •  He or She will go through your position specification and skills requirements
  • Starting the search procedure through esfab network.
  • Video interview all the suitable candidates with their permission
  • You can lie back and watch the videos and together with your personal recruiter partner from esfab, select your next corporate star. 
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 Job Seekers

  • We understand your situation, if you are an active or passive job seeker.
  • We believe every job seeker in the world need a talent manager as an athletic person has a manager who guide him/her through his/her career.
  • Have Your own Talent Manager who can help you to find your next dream job, locally or internationally. 
  • Our success builds on the opportunity that our recruiters worldwide can collaborate with each other. Thereby You get your own personal talent manager who has an international reach.  
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 Recruiters / Talent Managers / Interviewer

  • To become one of us, it requires that you have passion for helping others to find their next dream job. 
  • To become one of us, you need to have an expertise in your industry. 
  • To become one of us, you need to have local expertise. 
  • If You feel you have the above skills, click here below and learn more how you can become the next esfab recruiter. 
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