Prepare for Interview 

You need to be able to speak fluent English so as to pass training and communicate with your Supervisors and Managers. 

you must know about Employer and not sound scripted. 

You must be eager and be able to sell themselves. 

You must know what position You are being interviewed for! 

For Sales position Please note Sales Experience is a must. Highlight this in Your CV and make sure you are able to discuss it in detail. 

Please NOTE  that You are serious about working for the Employer as it wastes a lot of time going through this process to decline a position or not show up for interview.

Do You need a Resume Template 

Download here:

EX 1 

EX 2

Your First Video Interview

So you’ve gotten a job interview – congrats! it’s an invitation to video chat. We are using video interviews to act as the first round of the hiring process. It saves You time, money and can the hassle of going to the office.

Here Are some of the guidelines for your first video interview: 

  1. Dress appropriately. Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you should wear your pajamas. You should at least be wearing a business top since you will be sitting at a desk. However, there is a chance you may have to stand up at some point in the interview, so it’s best to also where the right pants too–you don’t want to show your future employer your Hello Kitty pajama pants. You don’t need to wear a full suit, but at least something business casual.

  2. Note the position of the camera. Think about what your interviewer is going to see behind you. It’s best to pick a plain background without a lot of distractions. And of course, you don’t want to have anything inappropriate behind you for them to see. In addition, think about the noise level where you’re sitting. If you don’t live alone, warn the people you live with that you’re doing an interview and need peace and quiet. You don’t want to distract the interviewer with your roommate walking behind you or your mom talking on the phone in the background.

  3. Check the technology. Make sure everything is working properly before you start the interview. Test out your mic AND your camera to make sure their both okay. You don’t want to have technological difficulties while you’re trying to answer a question. Some problems are inevitable with Internet signals, so make sure you know how to fix them if they arise.

  4. Look into the camera. Just like you need to make eye contact in a regular interview, make sure to look into the camera. Don’t let your eyes wander and don’t get distracted just because you’re at home and not in their office. Giving all your attention to the interview will show your genuine interest in the company.

How To Create Your Video Interview presentation

  • Use Your own Webcam ( follow the given steps and instructions)
  • Ask a professional job interviewer to interview for your the give job and record the video
  • Apply for an job with one of our recruitment partner members  
Benefits of creating an account
Have full control over your video (share it with specific employers, share it with everyone on esfab, get the embeded code to upload it on your website, get your link and add it to your CV so any employer who you apply for an job for can view the video

Who can view my video 
If you have an account you decide who can view your video. But Only people within esfab 
If you don't have an account , we make your video visiable to everyone within esfab 

How to upload your video without have an account
Apply for an job and ask to have the Video interview be recorded 
Ask one of our recruitment members to representing you, by applying to one of their open jobs , and they will make the interview

How to remove my video on esfab 
If you have an account - you can easily do it by login to your account and under edit, choose delete
If you don't have an account - email your request to 


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